JAMMBCO provides comprehensive field services, and extensive on-site analysis to assist plants with achieving their goals. We specialize in offering technical operational support in areas, which include kilns, burners, mud filters, coolers and other related areas. We offer training programs, and innovative solutions to assist your plant in reaching its full potential. Depending on the systems purchased JAMMBCO includes an on-site supervisor for troubleshooting.

Jammbco can aid you in the following areas:

  • General Kiln Efficiency
  • Excessive Dust and Dust Recycling
  • Rotary Kiln Build-up Issues
  • Rotary Kiln Burners
  • Rotary Kiln Chain Systems
  • Refractory (Castable & Brick)
  • Fuel Consumption Issues
  • Feed Screws and Belts
  • Specialized Castings (Cooler Grates, Nose Rings, Gators)
  • High Temperature Wear Castings
  • Thermal Probes and Temperature Measurement Devices
  • Trunnions, Rollers, and Kiln Tyres
  • Kiln Alignment
  • Filler Bars