1” JAMMB Hanger Base and Replaceable Cap Assembly.

For use in ‘No Refractory’ area at cold end of chain system.


4” JAMMB Hanger Base and Replaceable Cap Assembly

For use with JAMMB Econoliners in hot end of chain system.


Other Hanger Options –
Attach to chain with JAMMB Shackles

Tombstone Hanger, 6” JAMMB Econoliner Link Hanger, 4” JAMMB Link Hanger (no refractory zone)



  • No shackle is required to hang chain
  • Wear portion (cap) is replaceable
  • Design prevents chain hang-ups
  • Cap can be easily removed and re-attached
  • Easily install with our Patented Locking System
  • Option to disassemble and use a new bolt/nut/wedge assembly
  • to install new chain
  • Option to install a new chain with a shackle without disassembly
  • Long life due to heavy duty design
  • Base material is matched to kiln shell to avoid welding issues
  • Many alloys available
  • On-site installation supervision is available

Download the product spec sheet