The JAMMBCO (patented) Kiln Chain System unit has benefited our customers by providing the ability to retrieve more production out of their kiln, thus reducing their quicklime purchase anywhere from 25%-50%. The installation of our system will increase the heat transfer efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption, which will result in a sustainable lime kiln production at higher rates. Not only will our chain system reduce your fuel usage, we guarantee a lowering of your exit gas temperature, which will also reduce the thermal damage being caused following the kiln. The design of our chain system has been known to decrease the frequency of mid-kiln ringing and soda buildup formations found near chain systems.


Through the utilization of our products JAMMBCO delivers solutions in increasing the efficiency in kilns by providing fuel savings, higher production rates, low maintenance and minimizing dust buildup. We have the ability to customize our systems to suit any kiln needs.