Since 1973, JAMMBCO has been the leading consulting source and provider of specialized (patented) hardware for the cement and pulp and paper industries. We are dedicated in efficiently optimizing the heat recovery from rotary kilns by utilizing our high quality wear performance products. Jammbco’s name has become synonymous with professionalism, quality products, and expertise internationally. We have installed our superior products in over 200 plants worldwide and have continued to develop innovative products for the future.


Corporate Goals

1. Remain the innovative leader in our field by recognizing kiln, issues as opportunities, and continually striving to develop new effective products.

2. To contribute more to the industry than what is requested from our customers. Therefore keeping us ahead of our competition and providing products for the future.

3. Provide easily installed ‘maintenance-friendly’ engineered products through premium Customer Service at highly competitive prices for a quick Return-On-Investment.

4. Leverage our successes in North America to further expand our products and services to companies around the world.


Mission Statement

To lead the industry in the development of high wear products and increase the efficiency of rotary kilns by utilizing our patented hardware in a environmentally responsible way.